Transformation Areas

This story reflects success in the highlighted areas.

Morphum Environmental directors – putting people and planet before profits

Founders and directors of Morphum Environmental, Caleb Clarke, Damian Young and Dean Watts have aimed from the beginning for their company to become a leading environmental consultancy that benefits society and the environment.

At the core of their business is the aim to implement sustainability principles into all aspects of their operations.

At Morphum, people and the planet come before profits. When the company sees an opportunity to provide a better outcome for a community, it is not afraid to prioritise outcomes over profit, investing many tens of thousands of dollars to see the job done right often through pro bono or heavily discounted work.

Through its storm water management work, and also internal research activities, Morphum has been responsible for the identification of significant amounts of land for ecological restoration and erosion reduction. Morphum is also directly involved in the planting of more than 10,000 trees annually.

One of the key successes has been collaboration. As the company has grown it has become increasingly challenging to provide opportunities for knowledge sharing as employees have separated into various teams and specialisations. In response, the directors recently launched a new initiative to focus on this challenge – a company structure based on biomimicry.

Caleb, Damian and Dean are finalists in the Sustainability Champion category of the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards