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New Zealand Network Charitable Trust finalist story

The New Zealand Network Charitable Trust is a fledgling charity with an innovative funding solution, to effectively reduce child poverty in our schools.

The charity is using a loyalty fundraising programme called Network Member with Rewards. It has been designed to raise significant funding to reduce child poverty in our schools, whilst financially benefiting those who participate.

Donor fatigue exists with over 26,000 charities in New Zealand all seeking funding. The Network Member with Rewards fundraising programme offers an alternative to giving a donation.

Individuals or businesses pay a Network Member fee, then receive back the cost of that member fee in instant discounts or special offers (‘Rewards’) from Supporter Businesses. These Supporter Businesses receive permanent free advertising space on the charity’s website to advertise their Rewards.

100% of the profit from the loyalty programme goes towards the charity’s works, which include: hot lunches, nutritional supplements, head lice programme in schools, prescription glasses, devices for educational support, and an in-school ‘good health and wellbeing’ programme.

The NZ Network Charitable Trust is a finalist in the Community Innovation category of the 2016 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards