Oliver Hunt – Founder, Medsalv

Oliver is the founder and CEO of Medsalv, which was formed in 2017 to combat the high level of waste produced in New Zealand’s healthcare system.  It works to reduce waste and landfill, but also provides cost savings to hospitals.

Medsalv reprocesses used single-use medical devices and returns them to hospitals at a lower price than the original, for safe clinical re-use. The company has gained the support of the Ministry for the Environment, Canterbury Joint Waste Committee, Auckland Council and the Sustainable Initiatives fund.

Medsalv recently sponsored a Mechanical Engineering project at the University of Canterbury. The students’ challenge was to design and build health care equipment more sustainably. As a result, sustainability is being pushed to the top of design considerations, ahead of cost.

Medsalv now serves eight different hospitals across New Zealand.  It won the $100k Dream Believe Succeed scholarship in 2018.