Pakaraka Permaculture

Pakaraka Permaculture is a certified organic farm and market garden working on becoming carbon negative. It is installing a solar power system that will support all its energy requirements, combined with its organic and regenerative farming practice.

Being carbon negative means the farm is capturing carbon from the atmosphere and locking it in the soil. Farming practices include not using tractors or heavy machinery and using low till cultivation methods. The farm doesn’t use any commercial herbicides, pesticides or fungicides. These practices build organic matter in the soil. Educational programmes and tours are run at the farm to empower a new generation of regenerative farmers.

Earlier this year Pakaraka Permaculture ran a successful crowdfunding campaign, ‘Running on Sunshine’, to purchase a solar energy system. A 5kW photovoltaic system now connects to an integrated smart solar technology system. It has also invested in a cool room to help reduce waste and uses an electric delivery car. The farm will save over 9.5 tonnes of CO2 annually in fuel emissions alone.

Pakaraka Permaculture is a finalist in the Transforming Food and Revolutionising Energy categories of the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.