Transformation Areas

This story reflects success in the highlighted areas.

PowerSmart Solar: monitoring solar energy use in housing developments

PowerSmart Solar, in partnership with St Kilda Developments, has created a residential housing development with an integrated solar electricity system, to see how electricity use is reduced through the use of solar energy.

A key goal of the new electricity system has been to monitor the total electricity generation, as an opportunity to see how electricity use in a residential neighbourhood is reduced through the use of solar electricity. 

By putting renewable energy and maximum energy efficiency into the design stage of a building, the project will provide important learnings about monitoring electricity usage and production from a whole community, to be able to see what is produced and used.

Notably, it involves the developer in this process and encourages partnerships to create a whole community based on sustainability. As PowerSmart Solar has been involved from the beginning, the company will not only be able to monitor the progress of the project, but transfer the learnings to other projects in which they are involved.

PowerSmart Solar has currently sold 10 systems into the development with approximately 50 sections for sale in Stage 1. With further stages in the pipeline this has the opportunity to be a very exciting development.  

PowerSmart Solar were finalists in the Community Innovation category in the 2014 NZI National Sustainable Business Network Awards.