Purebread produces healthy, organic bread and bakery goods, free from pesticides and artificial chemicals.

Purebread’s mission is to completely remove unnecessary risk to human health. It buys only certified organic grains, honey and seeds to produce its bread products. Being certified organic ensures products and ingredients are grown and processed with minimal impact to land, sea and air.

Purebread embraces online purchasing to overcome the distribution challenges of a product with a very short shelf life. It offers free nationwide delivery, using an overnight courier service. This enables a direct connection with the consumer rather than selling through stores. Purebread is a very low waste operation, with less than a netball size of waste sent to landfill each week. It donates hundreds of thousands of organic vegetable seeds to schools and kindergartens.

Purebread is a finalist in the Transforming Food category of the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.