Reid Technology Ltd & TEAM Power Ltd

Reid Technology is a specialist in the design and supply of alternative energy, including solar panels, wind and micro hydro generators. Working alongside TEAM Power Ltd, it was successful in fixing Alpha Laboratories’ issue of ‘running out of power’.

In 2016, Alpha Labs was approaching its transformer’s maximum electricity usage due to rapid business growth. The pharmaceutical manufacturer needed an upgrade of its point of supply capacity.

TEAM Power conducted a report for Alpha Labs. It found that a solar power system, combined with a power factor correction unit, would be more cost effective than increasing the transformer capacity. It designed a combination system that optimised power supply capacity and utilised the factory roof space.

The Alpha Labs combination system now generates renewable solar electricity, reducing the electricity usage on site. As a result, Alpha Labs no longer needs to upgrade its transformer and cable system. It has also resulted in significant reductions to electricity bills.

Reid Technology & TEAM Power are finalists in the Revolutionising Energy category of the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards