Seagull Centre Trust

The Seagull Centre is a community-focused organisation in Thames that operates a resource recovery facility. Its main objective is to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

The Seagull Centre is proud of an 11-year history of self-funded development operating as a facility for the local and regional communities. Members can contribute, at no charge, unwanted domestic and commercial goods, materials and items otherwise destined as waste to landfill.  More than 150 people visit the centre daily.

Community connection is a critical success factor for the Seagull Centre. It provides goods at no charge to low income families that require assistance to establish a safe and healthy home. It also ships goods to Pacific Island destinations that have experienced events such as tropical cyclones. It provides clothing to women’s refuge and distributes goods free of charge to children such as books, bicycles and soft toys.

The Centre has been awarded a development grant from the Ministry of Environment to effectively double operations. The plan is to increase the diversion of waste from landfill from an annual 125 tonnes to 284 tonnes.