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Sol Pharmacy: shining some light in the Deep South

Modern technology allows Sol Pharmacy’s managers to operate an online pharmacy from their home in Karitane, near Dunedin. But not only do they make a difference to people’s health, they are making a difference to the environment too.

In its beginnings, Sol Pharmacy sold ‘quit smoking’ products online. The business now offers more than 8000 pharmacy and natural health products. But when Emma Farry and her partner Mark Grocott wanted to create a point of difference with their business, they decided to give back to the community and the environment by planting trees.

To make their business more sustainable and to offset the carbon from their overseas shipping, for every 25 orders the pharmacy donates one native tree, which is planted on the Huriawa Peninsula.

“We started the tree planting as a short term project but it has been so successful (and so gratefully embraced by our local community and iwi), that we decided to include our tree planting pledge on all of orders on a permanent basis,” says Emma.

“It’s our way of being able to give back to the environment,” she says.

“We’ve been planting the trees since 2010, and it’s amazing to see what a difference it has made. When our kids grow up and walk through the native forest, they will be able to look back and remember their involvement in Huriawa restoration project.”

Sol Pharmacy has now donated around 400 trees, which have been planted on the Huriawa Peninsula and neighbouring areas.

The initiative has been welcomed by community members. Brendan Flack, Environment Officer at Kati Huirapa, Ngai Tahu says:

”As stewards of Huriawa Peninsula, Kati Huirapa Runaka warmly welcomes the contribution of Sol Pharmacy to the biodiversity of this fragile environment. The planting of local indigenous plant species to Huriawa stabilises erosion, and helps to restore the natural habitat of a number of key bird and insect species that have declined through past farming practices. It also enhances the experience of the many visitors who come to this special place.”

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