Sophia White – Carbon & Sustainability Advisor, Toitū Envirocare

As a geoscientist and sustainability champion, Sophia’s goal is to help create a world where people and the environment thrive together. At Toitū Envirocare, Sophia is responsible for developing a programme to help corporate clients understand and work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This enables clients to measure and reduce their carbon footprints. She has also started a weekly newsletter dedicated to Good Life Goals, a simplified version of the SDGs for everyone.

Sophia is active in organising events that bring change-makers and community together. She is chair of the Christchurch Enviro Hub and an organiser of monthly Green Drinks events. She has led a group of volunteers to create the Christchurch Sharing Map, a part of the Shareable Cities Network. She is active on the council of Canterbury Worker’s Education Association and believes lifelong education is the key to achieving sustainability.