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Space Between: rethinking fashion waste

Space Between is a social enterprise/research platform at the College of Creative Arts in Massey University which enables students, graduates, fashion researchers and industry to work together to bring about positive change in the fashion industry.

It operates under two distinct but complementary strategies: designing with the textile waste from the current system, while simultaneously working to eliminate waste from the industry by designing in closed loop solutions.

Space Between has developed a new kind of sustainable fashion system that can create value for people, planet and profit. It has partnered with NZ Post to find a sustainable solution for its corporate uniform waste stream, and Earthlink Inc, which produces a range of children’s clothing from the stock of post-corporate uniforms.

One of the first social enterprises for fashion in the world, Space Between promotes a shift towards zero waste by incorporating circular principles through design and remanufacturing.

Space Between is a finalist in the Mega Efficiency Innovation category of the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.