Transformation Areas

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Spark NZ

Spark Plugs is turning old Spark telephone boxes into electric vehicle (EV) chargers. This allows EV owners to ‘top up’ their car and combat ‘range anxiety’ – the fear they won’t be able to reach their destination.

The initiative helps to break down the psychological barrier of range anxiety through visibility of the telephone boxes. They’re on street corners and near amenities, they’re strongly branded and easily identifiable, and the more Spark Plugs grows, the more the effect is multiplied. 

Spark Plugs is recycling and extending an existing asset that many consider to be obsolete. Currently there are five sites operating around Auckland. Spark is working with local councils all over the country to significantly extend this.

Since an existing asset is being repurposed, costs are relatively low. Spark Plugs are free to use, whether or not people are Spark customers.

Spark Plugs’ vision is a network of EV chargers all around the country, connected to thousands of public phone boxes, helping unleash the incredible potential of the electric vehicle community.

Spark NZ is a finalist in the Renewables Innovation category of the 2016 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards