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Splore: turning sustainability into a really good time

Splore music and arts festival is an annual event which shows that sustainability can be fun for everyone!

Splore Dynamics Ltd puts on the Splore music and arts festival, a three day, live onsite event for 7000 people at the coastal Tapapakanga Regional Park.

Splore has numerous aims: to set a positive example to the event industry, inspire other events, and educate the Splore community to adopt sustainable practices at the festival and take home learnings to apply to their everyday lives. Splore has recognised that the festival has some environmental and social impacts and has taken responsibility for mitigating these by embedding the best sustainability practice in all its operations.

The goal for Splore 2014 was to greatly reduce the festival’s environmental impact through robust sustainability measures, which include:

  • Waste reduction: diversion from landfill increased from 50% to 73% for the whole festival
  • Reducing cars on site by 20%, by using resource efficient transportation
  • Working exclusively with sustainable stakeholders and suppliers to ensure a sustainable supply chain
  • Exploring and utilising renewable energy sources
  • Reducing CO2 emissions and water use
  • Improving social outcomes.

Every year hundreds of events are held in New Zealand with a huge collective negative environmental impact from the transporting of people, goods and services to and from the venue. This creates congestion and generates greenhouse gases, as well as sending large amounts of waste to landfill. Attendees adopt an “out of mind, out of site attitude” with a lack of responsibility towards bigger picture consequences of their actions.

Splore has been proactive in empowering attendees to take responsibility for their actions, which greatly reduces the festival’s impact and sets a positive example for other events to follow.  It is the first Conscious Consumer accredited festival and the first New Zealand festival to receive the international “A Greener Festival Award”.

Splore Dynamics were finalists in the Mega efficiency Impact category at the 2014 NZI National Sustainable Business Network Awards.