Transformation Areas

This story reflects success in the highlighted areas.

Sustainability Options: advice for home and workplace

Sustainability Options promotes engagement in sustainability with households and businesses by offering tailored advice on reducing energy use, renewable energy options, waste minimisation, water conservation, and fair and ethical trade options.

It describes itself as an ‘altruistic business’. It has only been operating for 12 months, but has visited 500 homes in this time and has been engaged by four businesses to help develop ethical and sustainable practice. Its operators also make themselves available for public speaking opportunities.

Brothers Phil and Nik Gregg see their core innovation as a simple matter of ‘giving forward’ – they offer the community a minimum of 40 hours a week of free home visits and sustainability advice. Clients are encouraged to support the business through a combination of referral, product support and donation. This has already led to more expansive engagement with small businesses. 

The Greggs believe that business needs to be about more than just profit and growth in order to be truly sustainable – to this end, they are aiming to have the majority of their profits directed back to the community, to charity and to staff and supporters.

Sustainability Options was a finalist in the Community Impact category of the 2013 NZI National Sustainable Business Network Awards.