Te Whangai Trust

Te Whangai is a socio-environmental enterprise that harnesses the skills of vulnerable people to restore waterways and wetlands. It was founded 14 years ago to address climate change, water quality, social inclusion, poverty and equity. Its motto is ‘nurture the land, give life to the people’.

Through Community Training Hubs, trainees are instructed on how to source seeds, propagate native plants, and work with stakeholders in the community. The hubs support communities to eradicate poverty and protect the environment at the same time.

Each year more than 200 students from urban and rural schools take part in planting and conservation programmes, with a focus on restoring waterways and biodiversity. It includes stream restoration, sediment control, wetland restoration, habitat and marine restoration. The Nursery Hub alone produces 1.2 million eco-sourced plants a year.