Transformation Areas

This story reflects success in the highlighted areas.

The Farm Butchery: bringing meat to consumers the natural way

The Farm Butchery brings meat to consumers ‘the natural way’. Meat is from free-range, pesticide-free, heritage breeds. Consumers know grower details, breed types and bio-regions, so they know exactly what’s going into their bodies.

The Farm Butchery sees the current model of farming – that is, highly industrialised, profit driven and blind to externalities – as broken. Farming has become increasingly taxing on the environment, adopting an “extractive and mining model”, as well as geared towards providing a food mix that is damaging to human health rather than beneficial or nutritional. It’s these issues that provided the impetus to The Farm Butchery.

The company has realised the power of collaboration, and now co-delivers with organic vegetable box companies, and collaborates with farmers market networks and Weston Price Foundation networks.

The Farm Butchery believes the company and the move away from traditional intensive forms of farming has the power to effect wide change. David Crabb, a director and medical doctor, says “the impact is a slow rippling out of people touched by the idea and experience of the food itself and its advantages”, meaning the company is likely to only go from strength to strength. 

The Farm Butchery won the Restorative Impact Award at the 2013 NZI National Sustainable Business Network Awards.