The Formary

The Formary is creating a circular system to extend the life of clothing and reduce the ecological impacts of landfilling. It is diverting clothing and textiles from landfill, and looping them back into industrial production.

Textiles and clothing waste is a growing issue globally. It is the fastest growing waste stream in Auckland. Three quarters of our clothing ends up in landfill, where synthetic garments can take hundreds of years to break down, with dyes and chemical finishes leaching from fabrics.

The Formary started the NZ Textile Reuse Programme in 2016 to create a step-change in how we manage our used clothing. It is establishing a system for the collection, aggregation and reprocessing of used clothing and textiles.

The initiative will divert significant waste from landfill, extract higher value from the textiles, and educate (on purchasing, care and disposal of textiles). Through the programme, The Formary is collaborating with NZ Post, Auckland Council, Fonterra, Air NZ, SKYCITY, The Warehouse Group, Alsco and Wellington City Council.

The Formary is a finalist in the Going Circular category of the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.