The Rubbish Trip

The Rubbish Trip is a nationwide zero waste roadshow run by No-Waste Nomads Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince. Since July 2017 they have travelled New Zealand delivering free presentations in schools, businesses and communities. They share how people can reduce their household rubbish, based on their own research and four years of living rubbish-free.

The flagship presentation covers the how’s and why’s of low-waste living, tailored to local circumstances. The duo also deliver abridged presentations to businesses, workplaces and schools, and specialised workshops on zero waste toiletries, cleaners, cooking and camping, and ‘Resoursonance’ (a workshop and concert series communicating ideas of resourcefulness through music).

In a digitally saturated communications era, The Rubbish Trip’s strategy prioritises face-to-face, in-person workshops. Workshops physically bring together waste conscious members of the community who can continue community zero waste action after they leave.

Since July 2017, they have run 315 events in every region, city and almost every district of New Zealand, reaching more than 15,000 people. Together their Facebook and Instagram pages have over 7000 followers.