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The Smart Hot Water Company

The Smart Hot Water Controller is an innovative device that can be attached to any hot water cylinder to only heat the water required and save the household money.

The retrofitted device has the potential to reduce the amount of electricity usage of each house by 15 per cent.

The technology involved allows the controller to collect data on water usage, savings made and performance of the cylinder, all displayed on a user-friendly LCD screen. The controller also has a holiday mode function that shuts down the cylinder to save more money and save potentially wasted energy.

The controller has taken over six years to perfect and currently there are no other similar products like it on the market. The company hopes to take the product into the Australian market and create greater sustainable impact there.

The Smart Hot Water Company is a finalist in the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards in the Renewables Innovation category and EECA Business Energy Management category.