Tread Lightly Charitable Trust

The Tread Lightly Charitable Trust aims to inspire New Zealanders to live sustainably.

There are two Auckland programmes: the Tread Lightly Caravan and the Tread Lightly Drain Game. Both are mobile classroom events that engage students with hands-on interactive activities. The Caravan focuses on reducing waste and landfill, and the Drain Game focuses on ways to keep our waterways healthy.

Students learn how daily lifestyle choices impact our environment. They take part in programmes like soft plastic collections, Litter Blitzes, whanau recycling workshops, and Wai care. They learn how small actions make a big difference. For example, just four Litter Blitzes collected one tonne of litter! Collaborations with groups like Te Whangai for tree planting engages the whole community.

Each student takes a pledge to make one small lifestyle change through a one-month project. Teachers are supported to track progress. Awareness has been boosted by Facebook activity, the website and media articles. In 2019 the Trust will host 8,500 students in the Caravan and 5,000 in the Drain Game.