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Trevelyan’s Pack and Cool: reporting sustainability

Trevelyan’s is a family-owned business in Te Puke that provides packing and cool storage for kiwifruit and avocados.  In April 2015 the company released its first sustainability report to showcase the success of its sustainability framework.

The purpose of the report was to communicate the company’s commitment to becoming a responsible business in a completely transparent way. The report also aims to demonstrate Trevelyan’s business culture and performance in an effort to allow suppliers and other businesses to know what they stand for.

This type of report is a first across the kiwifruit industry and Trevelyan’s hopes it will encourage collaboration and the sharing of ideas throughout the whole supply chain. The desired outcome is increased education and engagement around sustainability, leading to industry efficiency and resilience. The report has been referenced in the Envirostate publication Towards Transparency 2015 as a benchmark example of best practice reporting.

Since publishing the report, Trevelyan’s has generated positive feedback from stakeholders seeking engagement and collaboration. This has led to greater understanding of its own business and the ability to move toward a more sustainable business model.  

Trevelyan’s Pack and Cool is a finalist in the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards in the Communicating Sustainability category.