Victoria Carter – Founder, Cityhop

Victoria introduced the concept of car share to New Zealand, and has funded and actively promoted it. She was ahead of her time: she launched Cityhop before smart phones existed, before the AT Hop Card, and before Uber.

Since starting with three cars, Cityhop now has almost 150 in Auckland and Wellington.  A quarter of the fleet are electric or hybrid, with other vehicle types to suit different requirements.

Car share supports economic, environmental and social sustainability goals. Research shows that through Cityhop’s work, an estimated 1100 to 1800 cars have been removed from Auckland and Wellington roads. Auckland Transport research in 2018 showed 40% of Cityhop members no longer owned a car or had reduced the total number of cars that they owned.

Victoria is a tireless and relentless champion encouraging businesses and people in Auckland and Wellington to think differently about car ownership and consider ‘one less car’.