Transformation Areas

This story reflects success in the highlighted areas.

Viv Heslop – creating a sustainable mind-set

Viv, most recently through her work as sustainability manager for the Wynyard Quarter urban regeneration project, is committed to delivering sustainable urban developments and creating a shift to a sustainable mind-set.

However the title of Sustainability Manager does not really do justice to her role.  Perhaps a more apt title would be ‘convincer, coach, cheerleader and champion’.  She brings a passion for sustainability but, perhaps more importantly, an understanding of what it takes to change mind-sets and practice.  Sustainability is a complex task to integrate into an organisation and this is something Viv has achieved for urban regeneration in Auckland.

Her enthusiasm for sustainability energises and motivates those around her. Driven by a desire to do the right thing, one of her strengths is foreseeing any road blocks and navigating round them before they cause an issue. Her approach to catalysing change is refreshing: she focuses on the individual in order to more clearly explain the process needed to achieve the business goal. 

Always willing to discuss new ideas, Viv’s ability to grasp the scope of any business allows her to see where opportunities lie for them to become more sustainable.

For over 18 years Viv has been working as an urban planner and sustainability strategist, with a focus on the public and private sector. Her mission has been to create and deliver better places for people to live. Through her expertise, Viv has consulted for the Christchurch City Council on sustainable regeneration, as well as Air New Zealand Property Group.

Viv is a finalist in the Sustainability Champion category of the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.