Transformation Areas

This story reflects success in the highlighted areas.

Whai Maia Trust – Ngati Whatua Orakei

The Whai Maia Trust is running two restorative programmes to combat the desecration of the mana of the hapū, whenua and moana:

  • 15 year old Kō te Pūkakī pesticide free programme of Whenua Rangatira planting where 180,000 plants are converting mauri of exotic dominant vegetation to native ecosystems.
  • Ōkahu Catchment Ecological Restoration Programme which is defining hapū based ecological and cultural health indicators to increase the mauri of the hapū and Ōkahu Bay.

The initiatives are a world first as this is the first hapū based lichen translocation project globally and includes the development of a mauri based monitoring methodology. This is creating functioning ecosystems services to Tamaki Makaurau, decreasing dependence on landfills, multi-generational transfer of mātauranga and science.

Ōkahu Rakau is the only hapū run business that delivers pesticide free native restoration with research strategies tailored to preserve hapū intentions, dovetailing into Western scientific frameworks.