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Your Drive: peer to peer vehicle sharing

Your Drive have developed a web platform for vehicle users to rent and share vehicles online.

YourDrive ( is an online marketplace that enables safe peer to peer vehicle sharing. People can both list their vehicles and search for vehicles to rent on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. The marketplace creates an income stream for owners and flexible, varied and cheap vehicle rentals for users.

The website allows owners to rent their vehicles out to other users generating an income. Owners have full control over who they rent their vehicle to; driving background checks and a comprehensive rating system for users helpowners with this. Owners also have the ability to choose when their vehicle can and can’t be rented and are free to set a rental price that they see fit.

For renters, YourDrive provides a real alternative to established vehicle rental companies. There is access to a large variety of vehicles from a wide range of locations and short term hourly rentals enable increased flexibility. Current prices indicate the rental rates will be at least as competitive as, if not cheaper than, current vehicle rental offerings.

Peer to peer vehicle sharing allows for more efficient utilisation of New Zealand’s vehicle fleet while providing benefits to both the owners and the renter.  Research from University of California Berkley shows that every vehicle involved in a car sharing scheme replaces between 9 and 13 other vehicles.

Collaborative consumption is a worldwide trend that is continuing to grow. YourDrive is the first peer to peer vehicle sharing business in New Zealand and has broken new ground building this model.  The service currently has 100 users signed up and 20 vehicles available to rent. There are on average 10-20 new sign-ups per week and this is expected to grow with increased marketing and PR planned.


 Your Drive was a finalist in the Mega efficiency category in the 2014 NZI National Sustainable Business Network Awards.