Yourdrive is an online marketplace that enables safe peer-to-peer vehicle sharing. Users can both list their vehicles and search for vehicles to rent on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. The model reduces the need for car ownership.

The average car in New Zealand is used less than an hour a day; 96% of the time it sits idle. Car sharing schemes around the world have been shown to reduce car ownership with every vehicle in a scheme replacing 7-15 vehicles. The majority of emissions in relation to a vehicle are in its production and decommissioning.

A survey of Yourdrive renters showed 73% of users reduce their vehicle ownership after using Yourdrive. 68% of respondents also increased their use of active transport modes such as walking and cycling.

Yourdrive’s aim is to have 500 vehicles rented out during the height of the 2017/18 summer. Currently 7,000 New Zealanders are signed up to Yourdrive and more than 10,000 days of rentals have taken place. Almost half a million dollars has been returned to Kiwi car owners.

Yourdrive has 12 electric vehicles on site. It is investigating options for leveraging the marketplace to allow more people to experience electric vehicles.

Yourdrive is a finalist in the Smarter Transport category of the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.