Sustainability Superstar Award

This award, sponsored by NZI, celebrates a person who inspires and leads others to make a difference.

Individuals can make a big difference to sustainability within organisations – whether they’re at the highest level or on ‘the shop floor’. They inspire buy-in at all levels of the business with creative engagement, and walk the sustainability talk. We’re looking for a sustainability champion who has brought about change and inspired others.

This award will be presented to a person who has gone above and beyond to bring about sustainability change in Aotearoa, progressing social and/or environmental action, either within their organisation or in the wider community.

The finalists for the 2021 Sustainability Superstar Award are:

Click on each finalist to read a short case study about their initiative.

We asked NZI what inspired them to sponsor the Sustainable Business Awards:

“NZI is proud to support the Sustainable Business Awards and the role they play in promoting sustainability in New Zealand.

Individual leadership is vital in our country’s path towards a sustainable future. We congratulate and thank those sustainability warriors for their dedication and commitment to championing the cause and helping inspire change.

As an insurer we see first-hand how climate change is affecting New Zealand communities. Events like droughts and floods show just how powerful nature can be and the enduring impacts it can have on our lives.  Reducing these impacts is at the heart of meeting nature’s challenge.”

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