Electrify your commute! – get e-bikes into your workplace

Electrify your commute event
Learn how to integrate e-bikes into your company, test ride an e-bike for yourself, enjoy delicious pastry and coffee & win prizes!

E Bikes in your workplace – an event to highlight the huge potential of the Employer e-Bike Purchase Support Scheme. Hear from a large business who is already successfully supporting their staff to get on e-bikes – and about all the benefits e-biking brings to individual staff, business and the planet! Get updated about the latest in e-bike technology and even test ride some bikes to see for yourself the magic of these machines!

This event will be hosted at the fabulous Warren and Mahoney building, and will feature speakers from Sustainable Business Network, Foodstuffs, Action Bicycle ClubElectrifyNZChristchurch City Council and more!

Arrive at 7:30am to grab a fantastic Bellbird Bakery organic breakfast pastry – courtesy Meridian, organic bananas – thanks to Foodstuffs, and delicious organic coffee from Prima Roastery.

You’ll want to stay to network after the snappy and informative presentations, then grab the opportunity to jump on e-bikes from awesome fleets from both Action Bicycle Club and ElectrifyNZ– your chance to test ride a fun and efficient way to get to work and around the city – and to get your company involved in the e-bike purchase scheme.

After the presentations, we’ll have two draws for a free 24-hour hire of an e-bike, thanks to ElectrifyNZ and Action Bicycle Club!

Whether you work for a large or small company, join this fun morning event and get sparked by e-bikes. We’re looking forward to seeing you here!


Date and time
Friday 28 Feb 2020
Time: 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM
Venue and Location
Warren & Mahoney Architects
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