A Rough Guide to Measuring Carbon

Want to understand your businesses carbon footprint? Knowing this is the key to being able to figure out ways to reduce it. 

Take the first step in this hands-on workshop with Judy Ryan, an expert in preparing carbon footprints for businesses. In this workshop you won’t just find out how to measure your carbon output, you’ll do it on the spot with Judy on hand to help! Drinks and networking will follow.

Bring along any data you have around waste including fuel receipts, electricity bills, and a list of all the flights you’ve taken this year. This will help you get the most out of the event, but remember it’s a *Rough Guide* to measuring carbon so just bring what you have, and Judy can help you get set up!

You will also need to download the ACE app here:

About Judy

Judy is an expert in preparing carbon footprints, and has worked with companies like Meridian Energy, Contact Energy, and Z. She’s also worked with Zealandia, the Sustainable Business Council and Greater Wellington – providing her advisory services, reviews and non-financial reporting expertise.  Judy is passionate about helping people understand their carbon footprint, in order to create better futures for New Zealanders. She loves connecting with nature – you’ll often find her on a night tour at Zealandia where she has been a volunteering for nearly 20 years.

Date and time
Wednesday 30 Oct 2019
Time: 14.30 - 17.30
Venue and Location
Grant Thornton

215 Lambton Quay

Members: $28.75
Non Members: $51.75
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