Reimagining Food Waste

From kids to grandparents this is one for everyone!

One third of the food produced globally goes to waste.

Bread, leftovers, oranges, potatoes, poultry, stalks, skins and more – a huge amount of food is thrown away daily, which affects each of us financially, socially and environmentally.

Come and hear about some of the world’s best food waste practices. Understand what other cities, communities, businesses and individuals are doing to reduce the amount of food that doesn’t make it to our plates.

Join us on Saturday 23 November to understand and experience:

  • The journey of food and its vulnerability
  • How we can reframe and redefine waste
  • How food can strengthen and connect communities
  • How to create delicious meals from food that would have otherwise been wasted

We are incredibly lucky to have Emily King, Director of Spira, facilitating this event.

Emily has worked across New Zealand and around the world with businesses and organisations to help them understand their food systems, and see the environmental and social change they can make. Emily practiced as an environmental lawyer before focusing on food as a solution to environmental challenges. She was named one of Food Tank’s top 20 global food leaders under 40 for her work restoring New Zealand’s food system, she judges the Outstanding New Zealand Food Producer Awards sustainability category, has set up The Kitchen Project and is involved with many other food-based initiatives.

The day will involve a practical workshop and a panel discussion from some fantastic experts including:

  • Kelda Hanes – Chef and co-owner, Rita

Kelda is always learning and thinking about food and how it is crafted. At Rita, she uses seasonal produce and always tries to use the ‘whole’ food.

  • Jennifer Elliott- Love Food Hate Waste and Waste minimisation officer, Wellington City Council

How much food is really wasted in NZ? Jennifer will take a deep dive into whats happening in NZ in regards to food waste and give some easy tips and tricks to reduce food going to waste in our homes.

  • Sheldon Levet – Kaicycle

Kaicycle is a food waste bicycle collection service based in Wellington. Sheldon will be talking about composting and how easy it can be for individuals and communities to reduce their waste.

  • Tessa Vincent – Kaibosh Food Rescue, Trustee

Tessa is passionate about tackling food waste because it is a triple win: environmentally, economically and socially. She loves Kaibosh as it ensures quality surplus food reaches those struggling, rather than being needlessly discarded. Tessa also has experience working in Parliament on environmental issues as a researcher and political advisor.

This hui will be held during the Love food Hate Waste, ‘Don’t just eat it – Compleat it!’ campaign. This campaign is focusing on ”compleating” it, a whole food philosophy aimed to help people save money while looking after the planet.

If you are interested in reducing the amount of food you waste, make sure you register now as spaces are limited!

Your $10 ticket will be donated to Kaibosh for hosting the event.

If the ticket price is cost prohibitive for you, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange a free one for you! Email

Date and time
Saturday 23 Nov 2019
Time: 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Venue and Location
Kaibosh Food Rescue

13 Hopper Street

Members: $13.72
Non Members: $13.72
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