ASPIRE is the Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce’s annual conference, designed to inspire, enthuse and inform. This year, be ready to PIVOT.

These are times of increased business disruption with impact from climate change and natural disasters, fast-changing business models, new trends in buyer behaviour and the effects of legislation. Now more than ever, local communities – and businesses as the economic vitality of those communities – need to be agile, flexible in their approach and quick to pivot. This is more than being resilient and protecting business as usual, this is about having a clear view of the threats that face the status quo and the ability to refocus thinking – quickly.

ASPIRE 2019 is a one-day conference that will look at this in the context of the Nelson Tasman region. What are the real issues we face as a region and as the business sector? What does a dynamic, climate-resilient, buoyant CBD look like? How do we grow and retain a flexible talented workforce?

Join business commentator and award-winning journalist Rod Oram for a programme of engaging and relevant presentations. Rod will set the scene, lead the day, provide attendees with a summary of insights gained and, most importantly key action points. The day will include 2 keynote speeches and 8 short case studies – think TED Talks.

If you run a business, work in a business, have any connection to this region – this is one event you will not want to miss.

James Griffin is the Sustainable Business Network’s Projects lead on the low carbon circular economy and will be speaking at this years Aspire conference. He has extensive commercial experience having worked in large corporates and owned his own business.

His circular economy ‘aha’ moment came when he first learnt about the practice of ‘built-in obsolescence’ in at school. “Hold on a minute sir, companies are doing what?!”

James has been working in this space for years and is a key contributor to The Circular Economy Opportunity for Auckland report. The report identifies how Auckland could be $8.8 billion better off in 2030, if it installed a low carbon circular economy.


Event Type
Date and time
Thursday 13 Jun 2019
Time: 8.45am – 5.15pm
Venue and Location
Rutherford Hotel

Nile Street West

Members: $200.00
Non Members: $200.00
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