Be the pick of the chocs!

Discover how to make your product or service the pick of the chocs in the box. Learn how to stand out as a Positive Business or Social Enterprise in an increasingly crowded field.

Once upon a time, there might have been only one ‘ethical’ or ‘sustainable’ provider in your market.  It might have been you. Or it might have been an organisation you are now competing with. Now, in most areas of business, customers and buyers have much more choice. They have a whole chocolate box of more ethical options to pick from.

In this fun, practical and interactive workshop you’ll discover how to be the pick of the box – for the customers that best suit your business.

Delivered by ethical marketing company GoodSense, New Zealand’s leaders in marketing sustainability since 2010, this workshop will better equip you and your team to build success effectively. The workshop will be lead by Kath Dewar, Managing Director of GoodSense, who is an experienced facilitator and marketer with over 25 years’ experience in shaping marketing into a profession that serves society and nature, as well as an organisation’s stakeholders.

Key content will include:

  • Know who to appeal to – the importance of targeting – who are the best-fit customers for your organisation?
  • Be a flavour they’ll love – brand differentiation – what do you want to be known as?
  • Look the part – communication priorities – what are the key tools you need to tell your story well?
  • Fulfill the taste promise – consistency of experience – ensuring customers come back for more
  • Q & A – get answers to help you stand out

We are delighted to bring this workshop to you through the partnership of Ākina and The Sustainable Business Network and GoodSense.

Date and time
Thursday 19 Sep 2019
Time: 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Venue and Location
Ākina Foundation

Level 2
40 Taranaki St

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