Climate Change & Business Conference 2019

Where the world is going to arrive is not clear: 1.5°, 2°, or 3° of warming are all still potential futures. Which one eventuates depends on how fast we act and how hard we work to change.  What is clear, is that a transition to a climate change-resilient future for New Zealand and it’s business community is must happen.

By the end of the year a Zero Carbon Act setting New Zealand’s transition pathway is likely to be in force and an understanding of what it means at a business-level will be critical for effective future decision-making.

The questions climate resilience and emissions reductions as part of that transition raise are numerous & complex.

· How do you make decisions when faced with an unknown and changing future?

· How do you plan and execute a physical and strategic adaptation plan?

· How do you secure multiple wins out of climate-related action?

· How do you help your workforce to transition to be effective and efficient in a new world?

This October, with the help of international and national experts and businesses leading in climate change action, the 2019 Climate Change and Business Conference, New Zealand’s premier climate change event, will explore the answers to your questions, and provide solutions to create opportunities from the transition for your business.

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Start Date: Tue 8 Oct 2019
End Date: Wed 9 Oct 2019
Venue and Location
Grand Millennium Hotel

71 Mayoral Drive

Members: $510.00
Non Members: $510.00
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