Day of Champions – Pushing the Boat Out

Do you have a sustainability Goal or challenge that you want to overcome this year?

Come for a day workshop in the Wairarapa that will be facilitated by Leadership and Collaboration Specialist- David Savage.

We’ll be focusing in on.

  • collaboration skills,
  • cross pollination of successes,
  • seeking solutions using the 5- step Solution Tool
  • goal setting for 2019 that really pushes the boat out.

The motivation for the workshop is to deepen our ability to support each other as SBN members and kick 2019 off with a spark!

1: Chaos and Collaboration Exercise

Engage in the spirit of collaboration, understand what makes it work and the role of quiet


2: Strengths Map & Success Strategies

Using a template, everyone gets a three-minute window where they share a value-add in the form of a success strategy. A strategy they’ve used in their business that’s advanced it in some way. Outcome: Transferable learning, cross-pollination of ideas

3: Solution Sessions

In smaller groups, people coach each other to find solutions to business problems they have using the ‘5-Step Solution Tool’. Outcomes: People may achieve breakthrough thinking but also get a tool to take away and use again and again.

4: 2019 Goal Setting

In pairs, everyone is coached to set a ‘sustainability goal’ for themselves or their business in 2019. The goal setting methodology takes a sensory approach that covers ‘ecology’ (removing

resistances) and ‘line of sight’ (strategy) elements. Outcomes: A goal focus for 2019 that pushes the boat out.


  • Train: Leaves Wellington at 8.21 link here to Woodside, then 20 minute walk along the cycleway ( Laurie will organize the group to go together)

Return Leaves Woodside at 4.10 pm link here

  • By Car: 1hr 20 minutes ( please let us know of you have the ability to car share)
  • Timings (TBC)
  • 10am-3pm (workshop)

Criteria– what you need

  • For your Business to be an SBN member ( we can’t take individual members on this course)
  • To fill out this survey, applications will be notified by March 14th (space is limited we will need to select candidates based on diversity of businesses and goals)
  • To be able to pay for your transport there and lunch that will be preordered
  • A koha to the Savage family farm to plant trees
  • A willingness to want to bite off/start a big goal or overcome a challenge this year

What people said about last years –

  • A perfect cross between a rejuvenating retreat and focussed goal-setting session. It puts you and your business back on track and helps you redefine your purpose and drive.
  • This workshop was invaluable in identifying and focusing on strategies and solutions for setting goals and opportunities for developing more potential in you business
  • Concise and powerful
  • If you’re feely underplanned, rushed, reactionary… take a day out and refocus…
  • A hands-on, collaborative workshop focussed on goal setting, problem-solving and transferable skills
  • 100% of last years attended said they would strongly recommend this to other SBN members.
Event Type
Date and time
Tuesday 26 Mar 2019
Time: 10am - 3pm
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