Grow 2019: Boma NZ Agri Summit

SBN is excited to be supporting the Grow 2019: Boma NZ Agri Summit on 10-11 April in Christchurch.

The Summit features two days of future trends, innovation, and exponential changes coming to New Zealand’s food and fibre sectors, with extremely practical, actionable takeaways for you to transform your business.

Grow 2019 has an incredible lineup of international and national speakers already confirmed, and is designed for farmers, producers, innovators, researchers, educators, and government workers—anyone who has an interest in making Aotearoa’s food and fibre sector more innovative, sustainable, collaborative and profitable now and into the future.

Grow 2019 is designed to empower you to take tangible action, so you leave ready for what comes next.

What you’ll learn

  • Disruption: Emerging technologies and ideas with the potential to disrupt the status quo
  • Transformation: How technology is transforming the food and fibre sector
  • Kaitiakitanga: Sustainable practices for today and tomorrow
  • Adaptation: New products and new business models for the changing face of the market
  • Action: Workshops and conversations to turn ideas into action

You’ll learn about the future trends that are impacting the food and fibre sector and what to do about them—not based on marketing fluff, but on practical experience from people on the ground.

You’ll connect with a group of like-minded individuals and organisations who are working to help Aotearoa’s primary industries to understand, adapt, and grow in a future that looks nothing like the today.

Grow 2019 won’t just share what’s coming—it’ll connect you with case studies from credible people on who’s tried it, what worked, what didn’t, what’s temporary, and what’s going to be sustainable into the future.

Event Type
Wednesday 10 Apr 2019
Venue and Location
Horncastle Arena

Jack Hinton Drive

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