Make a Meal in May

Get together and make a meal with a difference for Kaibosh’s annual fundraising appeal – Make a Meal in May (Harataua Tunu Kai).

Make a meal at home or work, get your friends, family or colleagues to donate what they would have spent on a meal out and help us put food on the table for people in need.

For every $20 you raise, Kaibosh can provide 28 meals to those in our community who need it most.

You can make whatever kind of meal you like – brunch, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea, even snacks to go with Friday work drinks.

As an extra incentive, you can also be in to win a month’s family subscription to My Food Bag!

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Why Make a Meal in May for Kaibosh?

  • Cooking, sharing and eating food together creates community, and food tastes better when it’s shared.
  • Kaibosh cares for our community and our environment, and every Make a Meal in May meal helps us keep doing that.
  • You could win an epic prize.
  • It’s fun!

People are hungry in our community, but you can do something about it.

Make a Meal in May, donate to Kaibosh, and make sure no one in the Wellington Region goes without.

Event Type
Networking event
Friday 31 May 2019
Venue and Location
Home or work
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