Public Lecture From Giant Wind Turbines to Electric Planes

In what’s been termed the “three-third world”, one third of global electricity in 2040 will be generated by wind and solar, one third of the vehicles on the road will be electric and the world’s economy will be one third more energy efficient.

But how do we transition to this future? What sort of policy settings will be required? And how will new initiatives like the Zero Carbon Bill help New Zealand’s contribution towards these goals?

International renewable energy and green finance expert Michael Liebreich will address these questions – and many more – in a public lecture at Victoria University of Wellington. He will then be joined by the University’s Chair in Sustainable Energy Systems Professor Alan Brent for a question-and-answer session.

This event is hosted by Victoria University of Wellington and sponsored by Z Energy.

Event Type
Date and time
Thursday 20 Jun 2019
Time: 5pm - 6pm
Venue and Location
Victoria University of Wellington

Lecture Theatre 1
Victoria Business School
Rutherford House
23 Lambton Quay

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