Social Innovation: Investing our most precious resource for Impact

Tauranga Moana is grappling with complex social and environmental challenges requiring urgent attention. The change needed is transformational not incremental.

How can we do this together? What is the role of enterprise in solutions?

Come along to this Social Innovation workshop to:

  • Discover the potential of impact entrepreneurs and their purposeful ventures to transform our communities.
  • Learn how social change movements form and accelerate to manifest transformational change.
  • Connect and collaborate with a diverse group of people, from organisations across the community to move towards addressing the challenges.
  • Reflect on the impact you and/or your organisation can make.
  • Find out who you can work with and/or alongside to turn Tauranga Moana’s social and environmental challenges into opportunities to better our region.

Hear real stories, connect with others, leave with greater clarity of your potential to create impact.

As diversity stimulates innovation, invited guests come from:
  • Tangata whenua
  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Small business owners
  • NFP leaders and champions
  • Local and central government
  • Funders & investors
  • Education
Come and workshop along the following Social Innovators:
Event Type
Date and time
Monday 2 Sep 2019
Time: 12 - 3pm
Venue and Location

148 Durham Street

Members: $25.00
Non Members: $25.00
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