Textile Reuse Programme Roadshow: Wellington

A presentation on the Textile Reuse Programme – find out how you can be part of this world-leading collaboration.

The Textile Reuse Programme is a cross sector collaboration, led by The Formary, a textile research and development company driving the responsible management and circularity of textile resources.

The Textile Reuse Programme is dedicated to reducing the environmental and social impacts of clothing and textiles by building the systems and technology to loop used clothing back into usefulness.

Supporting the programme is technology platform, Usedfully, which has been developed to provide information currently missing from supply chains – the metrics on volumes, fibre types and associated environmental impacts for end-of-life textiles (carbon, water and financial values).

Join The Formary for a presentation & Usedfully demonstration and find out how the Textile Reuse Programme can help you optimise clothing resources, satisfy your customer expectations and ensure long term sustainability.

Format & Presenters:

Bernadette Casey, Founder, The Formary: 

M.Sc. Marketing. 25 year career in textiles and fashion, from research and development through to design and marketing.

Peter Thompson, CEO, The Formary:

B. Tech. (Hon) Computing. Background in technology, and project management, involved in leading-edge technology since the early 90’s.

Brian Johnston, Sustainability Specialist, The Formary:

B.Sc. Environmental Science. Business sustainability specialist with extensive textile industry experience working within global brands to integrate sustainability into business strategy.

Followed by a Q&A, networking, drinks and nibbles

Who is this event for?

Businesses and organistaions who are looking for end-of-use clothing and textile solutions. If you are not sure, or if you have any enquiries about the event please contact daniella@theformary.com

Date and time
Tuesday 12 Nov 2019
Time: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Venue and Location
Medical Assurance Society (MAS), PwC Centre

Level 1, 10 Waterloo Quay

Members: Free
Non Members: Free
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