The 2019 Auckland Bike Challenge

The 2019 Auckland Bike Challenge is completely free for your organisation to take part. This is a fun, sociable competition for all staff – no lycra required!  People can cycle anywhere they like, anytime they like in February 2019. They only need to ride for 10 minutes or more to participate (enough time to bring a big smile to their face – a great first step in getting them to start riding).

Local businesses will compete against each other to see who can get the most points during the Challenge. There are seven size categories to level playing field.

Benefits to your organisation of participating:

  • A fun activity for your whole team.
  • Healthier, happier, more productive staff.
  • Less demand for your car parking.
  • Helps you achieve your well-being and sustainability objectives.
  • Prize incentives for you and your colleagues including local restaurant vouchers, bike gear, and more!
  • All this and it’s entirely FREE for your company and staff.

There will be live leaderboards on the Challenge website showing which organisations are currently on top. Individuals earn points for riding and encouraging others to ride. Their points contribute to their workplaces total and get them in the draw for awesome prizes. The workplaces with the highest total points – across 7 size categories – will win team prizes at the end of the challenge, too!

It’s easy:

  1. Register at
  2. Encourage your colleagues to join the Challenge.
  3. You compete against other teams to rack up the points by riding bikes, having fun, and winning prizes!

This exciting nation-wide competition is going to give cycling a big push locally, so register today and show your support.

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Friday 1 Feb 2019
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