The Circular Economy briefing

Circular Economy Strategist and Founder of Circularity, Louise Nash will deliver an insight-packed briefing outlining circular design principles that can be directly applied to your project, brand or business.

We live in a throw away, consumable world. This can’t continue.  We are running out of resources. We are being overwhelmed by plastics and landfill. Conscious consumerism is on the rise.  Smart businesses have to look at sustainable alternatives that benefit their business, people and the planet.

What is the circular economy and how can it help?

At its core, the Circular Economy about transitioning to a zero waste society. It’s about realising the potential of the things we have – in both the natural and technical flows of the economy.

An alternative to the traditional linear economy, it means resources are in use for as long as possible and the maximum value is extracted from them while in use. Recovery and regeneration of products and materials at the end of life is key.

Innovative use of emerging technology like Blockchain, AI, Robotics are central to an effective circular economy.


Event Type
Date and time
Friday 22 Feb 2019
Time: 8am - 12:30
Venue and Location
Techfutures Lab

22 McColl Street

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