The Empathy Effect Workshop

Grow your purpose-driven business with Empathy! Ben from Team Empathy is teaching how to grow using digital marketing, leading from a place of Empathy & Integrity.

The Empathy Effect Workshop is coming up this September 29th! This workshop is for Purpose-Driven, Sustainable Businesses that want to scale their growth while staying true to their values. The Empathy Effect is a business growth methodology that focuses on the ability to create genuine, profitable connections with people at scale, allowing for a purpose-driven business to explode their ripple of impact.

Note from Ben Male, founder of Team Empathy: If you’ve struggled at all with digital marketing, online presence, and generally having consistent leads & sales coming through the door, then this workshop is going to be so beneficial and a breath of fresh air for you and your business! Having scaled my own digital marketing agency and deciding to sell and move on, I’ve created Team Empathy and The Empathy Effect as a way of building real, human connections with other people. This methodology is all about being real, caring about those you serve, and using this as your foundation for growth. I’ve dedicated myself to serving purpose-driven companies making an impact – and I couldn’t be happier! I’d love to see you in the workshop

Start Date: Wed 29 Sep 2021
End Date: Fri 1 Oct 2021
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Phone: 0211 133 639
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