The Nature of Conversations

With the wave of Millennials coming through, the way we manage our organisations and our people is being challenged and called to shift. 

You know more is possible. You long for purposeful work and an environment that encourages authenticity and growth.  Whether you are an employee, an employer, in a management position, an aspiring leader, a facilitator|coach, or entrepreneur – the choice is yours; to be governed by resistance or experience great shifts + movement forward as your reality.

The Nature of Conversations 1 day programme, facilitated by renowned Coach Corene Walker, provides practical and applicable coaching principles to grow your emotional intelligence, develop team synchronicity, and grow your ability to optimise conversations.

This workshop brings together two powerful programmes – TetraMap and Navigational Conversations. It identifies natural behavioural preferences with the ability to accentuate and navigate conversations for improved individual and team performance, plus a healthier organisation culture.

This is a great follow on for anyone that’s experienced TetraMap’s ‘Why Are You Like That’ and wants to go deeper into a leadership coaching and conversational space.  We focus on emotional intelligence and its powerful link with TetraMap and combining the 3rd powerful key – blending a coach approach into your conversations.  If you are someone taking up on these skills for the first time, a seasoned leader and coach, or anywhere in between – you will find yourself mastering the art of blending these 3 powerful keys together.

Course Content
As you participate in this course you’ll develop insights into your own communication style, the ways in which you can accelerate a positive, productive conversation, can navigate more difficult conversations, and how to sustain long-term change. It’s simply a personal development programme that will add value for you at a deep level

You’ll receive a Participant Workbook, with additional A5 coaching model card, plus insightful ‘gold mine’ summary on how generic Coaching Principles work with TetraMap Natures.

How will I grow?

  • With techniques and tools to help you positively influence individual and team performance in a genuine, authentic way
  • Stay ahead of the curve with agile emotional intelligence
  • Understand and learn the psychology of what creates long-term change in people
  • Value and nurture high-performance teams with a highly positive environment
  • Increase your credibility
  • Enhance your own career
Event Type
Date and time
Thursday 21 Mar 2019
Time: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
Venue and Location
Te Rau Matatini

233 Anglesea Street

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