The Secret To Doubling Your Sales Without Spending More On Advertising

The majority of businesses want to grow, yet most try to do so in a very inefficient and costly way – by getting more leads. However, there are far easier, cheaper and quicker ways to increase sales. This webinar will be packed with no to low-cost ideas that you can implement immediately.

Leon is an author, international speaker and a true world expert on digital marketing. His talks are always extremely popular, so this is one not to be missed.

You’ll learn:
– 7 Growth hacking strategies that will significantly increase results from your advertising & marketing
– How to avoid very common website mistakes that reduce conversions.
– How to increase the average revenue generated from a customer.
– How to understand which marketing is working, and which is just costing you.
– 1 Simple strategy you can use that will reveal exactly where you are losing sales.

So you can:
– Make more sales without spending more on advertising.
– Increase your social impact!!
– Stop wasting money on marketing that is not working.
– Increase your ad spend with confidence.
– Explore new advertising channels that may have previously been cost-prohibitive.
– Significantly grow your business using well-proven methods.

Who is this course for?
This course is for any business owner or marketing manager that currently uses a website to make sales or acquire leads. This includes those that want people to go to their website and call them or to fill in an online form.

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Date and time
Thursday 30 Apr 2020
Time: 11am - 12pm
Venue and Location
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