Apple joins the circular economy

29 March 2016

Since 2014 we have been asking the ‘imagine if’ question: how much more advanced would the circular economy be if Apple embraced it? Well, we may have just witnessed the start of a seismic system shift in the electronics sector. Meet Liam.

If you’ve attended one of our workshops on the circular economy over the past couple of years you may have joined in discussions about Apple: how if this phenomenally successful and influential organisation decided to adopt circular economy principles into the design of its products, such as ease of disassembly and modularity, many of these concepts would likely be standard practice by now.

A new innovation from Apple could indeed catalyse a shift towards a more circular economy, with a surprise announcement on 21 March. Meet Liam, a robot that can disassemble more than 1.2 million iPhones a year, so the materials can be reused.

The goods of today are the resources of tomorrow.

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