Auckland’s Low Carbon Action Plan opens for submissions

17 March 2014

Auckland Council would like to hear your views on the Proposed Low Carbon Action Plan. The draft plan envisions a city with a prosperous eco-economy – powered by efficient, affordable, clean energy and using sustainable resources.

Cities around the world are at the forefront of a global transformation to a sustainable, low carbon future, and Auckland is part of the shift.

Transforming Auckland to a sustainable, low carbon future brings major opportunities for our economy and for the enhancement of our environment and overall liveability, including:

  • The potential to stimulate commercial development opportunities, business capability and green growth through the development, commercialisation and deployment of clean technologies and smart thinking that will transform existing sectors and create dynamic new ones.
  • More profitable businesses through increased productivity and competitiveness due to improved energy efficiency, reduced exposure to Emissions Trading Scheme costs and costs of carbon, and increased uptake of renewable energy.
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved air quality (and associated health benefits) due to an increased uptake of renewable energy sources and technologies (e.g. biofuels, electric vehicles), including improved vehicle fuel efficiency.
  • Reduced vehicle usage and associated congestion, and increased walking and cycling, that reduce the use of and reliance on fossil-fuel-based energy.

The Proposed Low Carbon Action Plan will outline how we can transform from being fossil fuel-dependent and high energy-using to becoming more sustainable and energy resilient. The plan identifies five main areas for transformation:

  • The way we travel
  • The way we use and generate energy
  • Our built environment and green infrastructure
  • Zero waste
  • Forestry, agriculture and natural carbon assets

Submissions are now open until until 5pm, Monday 7 April. Find out more about the proposed Low Carbon Strategic Action Plan and click here to have your say