Australia-New Zealand Climate Change & Business Conference

29 September 2015

In the lead up to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change conference in Paris this December the Australia-New Zealand Climate Change & Business Conference will take place in Auckland on 20-21 October.

The Sustainable Business Network’s CEO, Rachel Brown, will be joined by political and business leaders from New Zealand and Australia for the two day conference that will outline the expectations of the annual Conference of the Parties to the Convention (COP21) in Paris and look at the business opportunities and risks presented by climate change.

The Australia-New Zealand Climate Change & Business Conference will look at how climate change and climate change policy in New Zealand and Australia will affect businesses and business opportunities. This includes a look at the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme, policy movements in Australia, the price of carbon, the future of transport, and finance and insurance. Gary Taylor, conference programme director, says the conference is about presenting the opportunities that smart climate change action will bring to businesses.

“The conference is extremely timely coinciding with the Paris COP, New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme review and the change of Prime Minister in Australia. These things taken together mean that climate change policy is in a state of high flux and this conference provides a way for people to get their heads around it,” he says.

CEO of Unilever Paul Polman (speaking by video) will join others – including ministers of trade, transport, climate change and the environment for New Zealand and Australia – to examine how government policy on climate change will affect companies and business strategies. This includes what new business models and strategies will look like and how to grow business while minimising environmental impact.  

Gary says there will be an emphasis on how climate affects business and government and what it means for growing your business.

“It’s an opportunity to understand emerging business opportunities and where climate change policy is heading. It’s a business conference that looks at the opportunities and risks of climate change. ”  

To read the full conference programme click here.


Key speakers include:


Rachel Brown, CEO, Sustainable Business Network – who will chair the discussion on a low carbon economy and what the future holds

Minister Tim Groser, Minister for Climate Change Issues – who will discuss New Zealand’s position going into the Paris Climate Change Convention.

Anthony Healy, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Bank of New Zealand – climate change implications for the banking sector

Simon Bridges, Minister of Energy and Resources and Minister of Transport– who will talk about the role of transport in a low carbon economy

Barry Coates, Sustainable Initiatives Aotearoa – Political and business leaders panel

Rod Oram, Business Journalist – International policy and how national policy-makers are responding to climate change

Suzi Kerr, Adjunct Professor, Victoria University of Wellington –What Australia and New Zealand should look like in 2040

John Mauro, Chief Sustainability Officer, Auckland Council –Natural hazards and climate change

Adrian Macey, Senior Associate, Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, Victoria University and Vicky Robertson, Chief Executive & Secretary for the Environment – Domestic policy settings

Lou Sanson, Director-General, Department of Conservation –Climate change and Nature

James Shaw, Co-Leader, Spokesperson for Climate Change & Economic Development, Green Party –what New Zealand and Australia should look like in 2040

Megan Woods, Spokesperson for Climate Change & the Environment, Labour Party – Political and business leaders panel

Jan Wright, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment – Policy responses in New Zealand and implications of sea level rise for New Zealand

Paul Young, Co-founder & Executive Member, Generation Zero – The future of transport