AWARDS – Your business could be a winner like Abodo

12 July 2016

Abodo Wood won the Renewables Impact Award at last year’s Sustainable Business Awards. Marketing director Daniel Gudsell explains why your business should get in on the action this time round.

Winning a major award at the biggest sustainable business awards in the country has helped raise Abodo’s profile. With more than 15 years of experience, the company offers cladding, decking, structural wood and sawn timber. All of it is beautiful, durable, and safe for people and the environment.

With preservative treated timber wood waste becoming an increasing problem in New Zealand’s landfill, Abodo has pioneered a range of preservative free exterior timber products which can be returned to the earth as mulch, or safely burnt as fuel.

The SBN judges said that, “Abodo Wood gets around the issue of not being able to dispose of treated wood used in building. This has the potential impact to divert treated wood from the waste stream and prevent large scale burning of treated wood.”

FSC certified since 2008, Abodo only uses locally grown, certified plantation timbers, and has partnered with fellow Sustainable Business Network member Green Gorilla to offer a preserved wood recycling service.

Daniel says the company joined SBN to collaborate with like-minded organisations.

He says: “Abodo draws a lot of its strength from collaboration and as part of the SBN we can really leverage this.”

For Daniel the awards were a good yardstick to see how the business would be viewed from the outside from the sustainability point of view. The entry process was painless, and the SBN team even switched the entry to a more appropriate category once the entry was in.

“I felt we had an outside chance, but the competition was stiff!” says Daniel. “I was quite surprised at the depth of knowledge amongst the SBN judges. It is not widely known that the disposal of treated timber waste is a huge problem for us in New Zealand. It was great to be recognised for our contribution to reducing this.”

Winning felt great, and the increased awareness of what Abodo can offer has lasted well beyond the event itself.

Daniel says: “What is great about the SBN awards is that the ‘small guy’ can win. If you think you are making a difference, however small, you have a good chance to win.”

Entries are open now. Just click here to get the ball rolling.

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