Boosting good sustainable food

12 April 2016

Budding sustainable food businesses Wise Boys Burgers, House of Dumplings, Real Wraps and Farm Gate have won the Sustainable Business Network’s Good Food Boost. Now top industry professionals are set to help them reach the next level of success.

Last month SBN went in search of promising sustainable food businesses from around the country. The four winning companies will now be mentored for the next two months by experts in the sector.

Communications guru Martin Yeoman of Assignment, Karen Staples owner and founder of Auckland-based food company Pure Delish, Kim Evans founder of premium food stores Little & Friday, and Mike Murphy managing director of Kokako Organic coffee will all be adding their insights into the mix. And the winners will spend time at the FoodBowl food innovation facility in Mangere, where they can test out new production and packaging ideas.

Boost - Wiseboys

Not many burger trucks are inspired by Prince Charles. But Wise Boys Burgers took his arguments against the throwaway society to heart. The company has replaced processed meats for all plant ingredients, keeps it local and crafts its flavour combos by hand.

Founder Tim Burrows said: “I initially wanted to start a restaurant that was zero waste. This felt like a good way of starting out. We entered the competition because we like the way it aligns with our values. There’s a lot of scary big stuff like working with supermarkets that we don’t really know about yet, that we really want to learn to do.”


Boost - House of Dumplings

House of Dumplings founder Vicky Ha is on a mission to provide the very best in honest, guilt-free comfort food. The company produces a range of handmade traditional Chinese style dumplings using quality ingredients. House of Dumplings started out in Wellington, but has since expanded to Auckland and into supermarkets around the country.

“I have been with the Sustainable Business Network for a while now,” says Vicky. “I talked to them about how to move into Auckland. So I know I will be getting the help I really need with this.”


Boost - Real Wraps

Ally Davey and Anne Lowerson are hoping they can find ways to keep up with demand for their tasty vegan gluten free Real Vegetable Wraps.

“The business has quickly developed and the product has proved itself,” says Anne. “Basically it’s now about keeping up with our own success!”


Boost - Farm Gate

And Farm Gate founder Amanda Hellier is one of New Zealand’s pioneers for added value in farming, marketing Free Range Felino salami and Njdua Chorizo manufactured from totally free range pork from her property in Northland.

“It’s just great to be able to check that you are on the right track and to work with people that believe in what you are doing,” she says. “We can produce great products in this gorgeous country, and people need to hear about it.”

Thank you to our sponsor Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development (ATEED) and our four wonderful judges: Angus Brown, FoodBowl; Connie Clarkson, Panuku Development; Wendy Voegelin, ATEED; and Emily Dowding-Smith, Sustainable Business Network.

The Food Boost winners will be attending the Good Food Forum THIS THURSDAY  at AUT, where leading businesses and food system experts will come together to explore issues on the future of food in NZ.