Bring It

By Fiona Stephenson

It's July and we are all about eliminating single-use plastics.

So we’re encouraging everyone to take up the challenge and ‘Bring It’!

For each working day this month and beyond, commit to bringing reusable containers for takeaway lunches and hot drinks. You simply have to sign up here to record your commitment.

Consider organising a reusable cup and container library at work, so that way if someone forgets to ‘bring it,’ a container will be available. Work together to ensure everyone is successful.

There are many cafés and restaurants around the country who will offer discounts for bringing your own containers.

Here’s what some of our SBN members offer off food and drink when you ‘Bring It’, not just for July but all year ‘round:

  • Commonsense offers a 10% discount when you bring your own containers. They will also give you a free jar to use at their filling station if you have forgotten yours.
  • Crave will give you 50 cents off your food when you bring your container, and 30 cents off your coffee when you present your reusable cup
  • Greentime offers a 10% discount on food and drink purchases when you bring your own containers
  • Bird on a Wire gives you 50 cents off your food and drink when you bring your own containers
  • Excelso Coffee will give you 50 cents off your coffee when you bring your reusable cup, and will also give you 50 cents off your coffee beans when you bring your container to store them in
  • Scarecrow will give you a dollar off your lunch purchase and 50 cents off your hot drinks when you bring in your containers

It’s amazing how over time, that can lead to significant savings as well as lessen our impact on the environment.

As a part of moving toward a circular economy, we need to eliminate single use plastics. In re-thinking our economy this way, the lifecycle of ‘stuff’ is maximised, optimised and at the end of life all materials are re-utilised.  SBN’s Circular Economy Accelerator is working with businesses to design out all problematic packaging, and move away from single use to reuse models. This will vastly improve recycling also.

So commit to BRING IT this month – it’s free AND it will help New Zealand shift closer toward a circular economy!